Thérèse Bouwens


About me

After decades working in education as an Art and Technology teacher and manager, I thought it was time to get my hands busy again and learn something completely new. After several workshops and courses from teachers at home and abroad, I decided to study at IKA (Institute for Art and Craft) in Mechelen, Belgium. In 2016, I graduated with great honors for my BFA and in 2022 for my MFA.
All these years glass has been a good friend of mine; wonderful to be with but sometimes remarkably confronting.

Glass has an incredible variety of forms to work with and challenges me to constantly search for a new visual language: Tender and subtle as well as robust and sturdy, glass has it all. More than other materials, glass has its own personality for me.

When blowing or pouring hot glass I am in direct contact with the material, my blowpipe or ladle feels like the pencil or brush of the painter. We are at work together.
My body made me make other choices and brought kilncasting to my path. A technique that is less heavy and shows entirely different dimensions of glass.
But whatever the technique, the transparency and the strong character of glass always remains.

My Resume